Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wish List Wednesday

I just realized, as I sat and wondered what I desired enough to write about this week, that I've never posted anything baking-related. Which is funny since I'm obsessive with baking and anything to make my cupcakes cuter is a must! I can't wait to have a house one day. I may need a small pantry just for my baking supplies. Hmmm... must discuss that with hubby.

So this week I headed over to Bake It Pretty which is only one of the cutest baking supply shops out there. Everything you see here today comes from there.

These things are edible! How pretty are they? I'm not even about to attempt sugar work so I think I'd have to buy anything this pretty instead of trying myself. I'd love to throw them on some Mother's Day cupcakes.

This box is just cute. I need to go pick up some more cupcake boxes for occasions where they're a gift or something to be left somewhere. I can't go giving away my fancy plastic carriers, now can I?

These are the cutest labels ever. Nuff said.

Halloween colored sprinkles! And they're jumbo sized! I love jumbo-sized sprinkles.
Ohhhh and the cupcake liners. Let's just ooh and ahh over all of these.

So how cute is all this stuff? I can see getting out of hand with cute cupcake liners. They're just all so tempting!
Now I'm off to talk to hubby about that baking supply cabinet...

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