Tuesday, September 8, 2009

You Should Have a Kid... For Reals

That's the opinion of my nephew. He seriously told hubby and I that we should have a kid so he can play with her. At random. There was no baby conversation going, he just busted out with it out of nowhere.

When I reminded him babies don't play he said he'll tickle her and make her laugh.

When I told him they don't do anything except lay around he said he'll make sure he doesn't step on her when she lays on the floor.

When I asked him whether he wanted a boy or a girl he said he didn't care. He'll play with either.

When I told him she would have to sleep in his room, he said he'll share with her.

He said he'll read to her, and teach her the alphabet and numbers when she's old enough.

So then we asked him about names. He had no suggestions for girls, but he suggested "Scooby Dooby Doo," "Shaggy," and something we can't remember. Then I told him the names we actually want (which I will not give away here because I'm that psycho that's afraid someone will steal our nonexistent child's name) and he liked them.

I'm telling you, all the cuteness, and his readiness to have a little cousin, and the sincere look on his face as he told me he wanted me to have a baby... it gave me an ovary rumble.

I think hubby is scared.

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