Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Current Count

Halloween is making itself known around these parts. Our current list with check marks next to them...
  • 10 pumpkins (at the moment, there WILL be more)
  • 3 orange light bulbs
  • 1 green light bulb (and it is REALLY green)
  • mantel is decorated
  • bathroom is decorated (yes I decorate my bathroom)
  • wreath done (a new one this year)
By the way, I'm pretty sure I've mentioned a few hundred times that my neighborhood is LEGIT when it comes to Halloween and trick-or-treaters. I'm so stoked. We're sticking with last year's tradition of Beth and her fam coming over for dinner then walking the neighborhood. I may just get my brother-in-law's new friend to come with her adorable little man...

So ready. 19 more days.

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