Tuesday, October 11, 2011

5 Things

Better late than never... right? RIGHT???

Yesterday was a tough one for my family. My mom had to take our dog to be put down. He was 14 and has had several cancerous tumors over his life span. The last one was inside his mouth on his gums. When mom took him for surgery in June, the doctor warned her that they may not have gotten all of it. They didn't. It came back quick and poor baby was finally miserable. It actually looked like it wanted to burst or something. So we had to say bye. Obviously didn't leave me in a writing mood.

So in honor of my Josiah dog...

5 Favorite Memories of Josiah
  1. ha, how about the day we got him. I NEVER had a pet growing up. I think my dad was against it more than my mom. And we never really pushed for one. But my sophomore year of high school we were playing mud football at church on Black Friday. And as everyone is leaving, my brother and I spot a puppy wandering around the field and church parking lot. He came right to us and he had the sweetest face. We convinced dad that GOD WANTED US to have this dog. And he came home with us. And stayed. :)
  2. Josiah always loved having his belly rubbed. You couldn't start petting him or even really get near him without him turning over on his back to beg for a belly rub.
  3. Josiah is an escape artist, even at 14 with bad hips he found a way to get out. When he was young he got out for an extended period of time. We freaked. We put up signs but nothing came back. Fast forward a few MONTHS and my mom sees a random "Found Dog" ad or sign or something. So she called the lady (who happened to live two blocks away). After the woman described Josiah she threw in, "He loves having his belly rubbed." And we knew. We got him back. :)
  4. Hubby and I had a pup a few years ago that we ended up adopting out to another family (long story). But not before he met Josiah. Josiah didn't like him. To the point that he jumped up on the picnic table outside because our baby couldn't reach him there. It was pretty funny. If dogs can give death looks, Josiah was giving one.
  5. Like I said, Josiah was old. He started limping and just moving like an old man. But when Tad was over and ready to play, the limp disappeared. He was just a puppy playing with a little boy.
He was a good dog. And yesterday sucked. We'll definitely miss him.

I'll try for a happier post tomorrow.

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