Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Unplanned hiatus. Just when I don't think I can be busier - I am. So here's my manicure this week...

First: I'm aware baseball is over. But I was cold and this hat was handy.

Second, the nails are black and green with different angles stripes. Complete with silver glitter. I couldn't think of anything Halloweeny. I'll do better this week.

Over the last week I have had entirely too much fun with my aunt and cousin. To the point that our pastor may or may not think we're crazy. :) We all work with a children's group at church.

I need Halloween ideas. I have ideas, but costumes are getting smaller and I'm... well, I'm not. Plus the fact that I'm a little old for some of this stuff. Plus the fact that one of them (yes, I'll probably wear multiples) has to be church-appropriate.

I'm evil. The past week has only confirmed it.

It's Thursday already. This makes me so happy. I need some veg time this weekend. Badly.

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