Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Weekly Manicure

Oh look who's been absent again... We had a busy couple days. And unless you want a game recap, I don't have much for ya.

Actually I have some amusing pics that I could post.

Anyway, I did my nails last night. And took a crappy webcam picture!

Ummmm... yeah it's a less than stellar pic. So if you can't tell, my nails are this awesome muddy cement color. My new fave I think. And my ring fingers have little leopard spots in black and white. Free-handed and actually not too difficult.

So I looked at my calendar tonight and I have about three weeks of vacation left. A little less depending on staff days before we start. I'm loving vacation, but I'm kind of excited! It's going to feel so much better this year since I actually KNOW what I'm doing now. But in that three weeks I'm trying to fit in several things:
  • my tattoo
  • a trip to SoCal
  • a camping trip
  • more Tad time please!
Soooo... I'll try to be better about showing up to amuse you. And I'm reworking some of the weekly features. I might have different ideas for the new school year. 

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