Monday, July 11, 2011

Random Memory

I just remembered this in the car today and decided it needs to be posted. Because I don't think I did when it happened.

We had a birthday party for my Tad here at my house back in May. More like a little family dinner. So my mom was here and my youngest nephew, Anthony, (he's four) heard me call her mom.

Anthony: Why you call her mom?
Me: Well, she is my mom.
Mom: Just like she (pointing at Beth) is your mom.
Anthony: (thinks for a minute, then speaks to me) Ohhhh, like you're Paul's mom? (Paul is Tad's actual name.)

The look on my sister's face, plus my mom's huge eyes, plus the cackling that occurred after this exchange... priceless. I only wish I were Tad's mom.

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