Saturday, July 16, 2011

Oh Dear

I've made a recipe three times this week. THREE TIMES. It's that good. And bad. Because if you eat these all the time... I don't see your butt thanking you at all. :/

Anyway, I figured since it's been such a hit, I should share. Especially since I can't take the credit for it.

First, let's look at my first version. Done Tuesday for the All Star Game.

Yup, baseball version. Of something that I don't even have a proper name for. I guess the easy name would be Oreo truffles. Or The Answer to World Peace. Ya know, whatever.

I've seen versions of these in several places, but the way this blogger wrote about them is what finally sold it to me. I laughed. Feel free to do the same. If you're afraid of making a big batch (and unless you have a lot of people to share with... you should be) a half batch is easy. Half the cream cheese and half the Oreo package. That would be 21 Oreos. I counted for you because I love you.

I made them Tuesday and they were popular. So popular that my cousin who had one Tuesday requested them for our failed Harry Potter premiere on Thursday. No pics of that one because I apparently had a fail of my own in that department. Sadsies. Tonight I make them for my mom's house.

And I branched out tonight. I made the original Oreos AS WELL AS the Golden Oreos. I have 30 of these babies setting up in my fridge. Good thing hubby works tomorrow. I can send some there. My butt will thank me when it doesn't expand.

So try these. Please. Or if you're too busy, pay me to do it. But don't blame me if your shorts get tighter...

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Rachel Escobar said...

I am SO making these today & if they turn out well, for carter's birthday!!! :) I love you. cake pops aside. i do. :)