Wednesday, July 13, 2011

An Open Letter to Old Spice

Dear Old Spice,

It's no secret that I LOVE you. Rather, I love your commercials. That Isaiah Mustafa... yes. And yes. But I think there's room for another man. A man that men want to be like.

Brian Wilson.

NOT the musician. The amazing bearded baseball player. That man is unstoppable.
  1. He's my boyfriend. Hubby is okay with this because they look so similar. Okay... and the fact that we have not actually met. Hmmm... problem.
  2. That beard? Well that will sell the product itself.
  3. He's hilarious. For reals. Look up any interview with him. People love him so much there's a Facebook page campaigning for him to host SNL.
  4. He's loved. The ladies LOVE B.Weezy. Just read this blogger's reasons they are destiny. I laughed. And wished I had a blog when I was single so I could write crazy things. Back then it would have been reasons I was going to marry Barry Zito (I apparently have had a thing for pitchers for years).
So really Old Spice, let's make this happen. I promise I will only buy your product for my husband if you make this happen. And when I have sons one day, they will only use Old Spice.

But only if you get me Brian Wilson.

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