Thursday, July 21, 2011


I'm a huge DIY person. Going to a concert? Make a shirt. See something I like online but don't like the price? Figure out how to make my own version. I made the best shirt ever yesterday.

Yup. Winning. For those that don't know, Romo is a reliever for the Giants. And he's GOOD. Like, super good. I got a lot of second glances and some good laughs out of my shirt. Even had a woman ask for a pic of me and hubby (ya know, with his Wilson-esque beard). I love San Francisco on game day. Besides that... well I could skip it. :)

OH I have to tell you the highlight of Cole's day. Adorable. We were leaving our parking garage and this Camaro comes around the corner BUMPING music and hubby turns to me and says, "That's Pablo Sandoval!" Cole's head flew around so fast I though it would pop right off. Traffic was stopped so he was still close to our car and I told Cole to roll down the window and yell his name. He did and Sandoval totally grinned in his sideview mirror. And we DIED over his license plate (I'll withhold to avoid contributing to stalkers). The rest of the day Cole would randomly say to himself, "I can't believe we saw Pablo Sandoval outside the stadium!" Super cuteness.

Now we get one day of a little relaxation (besides taking in some recycle and having dinner with some family) before work and play start up again. And yes, I WILL actually work tomorrow. I'm headed out to my classroom to do some organizing and cleaning.

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