Saturday, April 25, 2009

San Diego - Day 3

Sunday was our anniversary. And I told hubby we aren't spending anniversaries at crowded theme parks anymore.

Not that it wasn't fun, but I think I would have been happier wandering around on that particular day. We got a little burnt, got ran into, hit with strollers... ya know, theme park hazards.

But it's Sea World! And there's cute animals! So we still had fun. And I had to post this particular picture because it reminded me of Finding Nemo... "Look I'm a flippy little dolphin!" Haha...

And this picture reminds you that you do NOT want to sit in the first six rows or so at the shows. I had to laugh at the parents carrying screaming children up the stairs. Really mom and dad? You thought your children would LIKE being doused with seriously cold salt water? Good call.

We also saw the sea lion show. They try to entertain you while you're waiting, and I'm such a dork I actually enjoyed this guy. He was doing different theme songs from television and movies. So of course when he did High School Musical (he totally knew the choreography) I was singing while hubby looked at me like I was nuts.

Then we went to the tide pools where I had the highlight of my afternoon... they're tide pools so you can touch the things in there. But they ask you to leave the things UNDER the water, seeing as how that's how they breathe and all. Well I spotted two little turds picking them up and throwing them across the pool. They were maybe seven and thought they were totally sneaky. So after they did it and were laughing I did the most obnoxious fake laugh I could muster then shot the good glare I was blessed with (thanks mom!) and said, "Yeah, NOT funny." They froze and I swear I thought they were going to wet their pants. Hubby almost wet his just laughing at their expressions. Good times...

Oh, and at the sea lion show they brought out a walrus at the end who was still in the process of training. She decided she wanted to get out of the tank and say hello to everyone. They cleared the first couple rows, but everyone was pretty much laughing about it. I guess nobody really thinks about the training process and the fact that you have to teach them the CAN'T go out and visit the people.

And you can pet the dolphins! Well, you're guaranteed some quality time with them for the bargain price of $40! Excuse me while I scoff... but if you wait a bit you can go in the same little area (for no extra charge) and wait for them to come by and let you pet them. This guy just got a nose bump.

Oh, and they have a depressed-looking polar bear. He looked bored out of his mind.

So we didn't stay until closing because it's kind of ridiculously expensive to eat there, and there was a big gap before the last show and we had seen the other exhibits. So we left and thought we'd go have an anniversary dinner. Thanks to a weirdly placed half-wall in the hotel I was able to use the timer on my camera. Just ignore the ugly hotel curtains and such.

We totally didn't go anywhere fancy, we went to a barbecue place. But it was SO AWESOME. I could eat there a few times a week if we had one here.

Then we went back to the hotel and had our cupcakes (which I'll show you a picture of this time). We tried to get flavors that would be close to the same as our wedding cake. So we got vanilla, mocha, and lemon.

And if you didn't know it by now, I'm a fan of champagne. So we got the same stuff we had at our wedding (it's my absolute favorite). And drank it out of classy Holiday Inn plastic.

And that was Sunday. We were kinda burnt, and super tired from the amount of sun. But it did end up being a fun day.

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