Saturday, April 11, 2009

First Birthday Cupcakes

Second order. For a family I love (I tutor for them also). So I was way stoked when Heather said my mom had shared my love and talent for cupcakes. And I was more than thrilled to do this!

So this time I had five dozen cupcakes and a little mini-cake for Bria (the birthday girl) to smash. It is her first birthday so we can't skip that tradition!

So I've kept you waiting long enough. On to the pictures. (Be prepared to die of cuteness!)
Here's Bria's little cake. Top view with my fancy little "1."
And here's a view where you can see the jumbo sprinkles on the sides. I thought they were cute. And I LOVED this cake. I made hubby get up off the couch to look at it as soon as I finished it.
So these cupcakes weren't in the plan originally, but after I did the cake, I thought some cupcakes to match would be cute. Let me just tell you, cupcake stencils aren't as simple as Martha makes them out to be!
These were always in the plan. I love that the colors that matched Bria's party are so springy!
And here's the cake surrounded by each cupcake design. I love it. So much.

And here's the cupcakes all displayed on my stands. I love these things. They'll hold three dozen each. And if you have less you can totally remove the bottom tier and it doesn't look weird.

If you want more pics you can go to my myspace album. They're toward the end of it.

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mushroommeadows said...

The cupcakes are lovely! And they look so tasty, too!!! :)