Friday, December 31, 2010

It Was Quite a Year

2010 was kind of big. Let's look back at some of the things it brought...

I obsessed over the last season of Lost. And cried when it was all over.

Tad said funny things that amused me.

We moved!!!

I fell hard for Isaiah Mustafa.

I celebrated the return of Glee. And looked forward to it every week.

I got to see Chris Daughtry!!!

I also fulfilled my high school dream of going to see THE BACKSTREET BOYS!!!

We took a massive family trip to Florida. In the middle of summer.

I got a job!!!!!

My baby played flag football. And looked precious.

I went to an 80s party... that required me to buy legwarmers!

My adorable grandpa turned 80 and we celebrated with a western party.

Hubby and I found a new obsession.

We finally got a fur baby!

And I got the German measles???

Among things I didn't blog about, I had one grandpa come successfully through surgery and he's out here visiting us as you read. My family also lost my aunt less than two weeks before Christmas. I didn't post about it here, but I received a lot of love, prayers and support on Facebook and the like. We're all getting through and I thank God for such a strong family.

It was a crazy year, full of weirdness and awesomeness. And I only hope next year can be as great. Raise your glass with me at midnight tonight and we'll toast together.

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