Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A VERY Important List

Okay, so it's Wednesday. It's my birthday. (Go ahead, take a second to text me wonderful birthday wishes, haha.) Normally I would have a wish list. And you may just see one later in the day. But this is kind of a big birthday for me.

I'm 29 today.

This is the last year I'll be in my twenties. Do you KNOW how horrifying that is???? Now, several blogs I follow have been doing this super cool idea. They make this list called "30 Before 30." It's thirty things they want to accomplish before they turn thirty years old. I like this idea. Scratch that... I LOVE it. So I made my own. With twelve months to go before I transition to a different digit in the tens place (EEK!) I figure this list is totally doable. I'll be posting it in one of my sidebars so y'all can keep up with how I'm doing.

So here we go! My very own "30 Before 30."
  1. Throw an awards show party.
  2. Go to a roller derby event (we totally have a local team).
  3. See Ellen DeGeneres.
  4. See Craig Ferguson.
  5. Grill a steak (yes, I've never actually done this on my own).
  6. Go hunting (not just accompany hubby and scout).
  7. Grow something that actually lives.
  8. Sew something that I am willing to wear in public.
  9. Have a wine-tasting party.
  10. Go snow camping. Yes. Camping. In the snow.
  11. Make sure at least two rooms in my house are "finished."
  12. Take a vacation with hubby. A real vacation. Not something weak that's driving distance.
  13. Get a Brazilian Blowout. For those wondering, it's a hair treatment that will save me tons of time in the morning.
  14. Bake brownies from scratch.
  15. Submit some photography in some sort of contest.
  16. Drop a jean size (no, I will not be posting the number).
  17. Run two miles - no walking.
  18. Take a cake-decorating class.
  19. Take my parents to dinner. I PAY.
  20. Make tortillas.
  21. Have four separate girls' nights.
  22. Make a loft bed for Tad's room (hubby will have a large part in this).
  23. Make a non-holiday wreath for my front door.
  24. Get and learn to use Photoshop.
  25. Regular trips to thrift stores (like, once a month at least).
  26. Buy a new couch.
  27. FINALLY go to Ikea.
  28. Go one month without soda - diet or otherwise.
  29. Get a tattoo.
  30. Make Pioneer Woman's cinnamon rolls.
Looking at that list it's really easy to say, "Ooh! I can knock out at least three of these over break!" But I'm a procrastinator so we'll see if that actually happens. I'll check them off as we go through the year.

Well, I'm off to celebrate my birthday... by going to work. And doing yard duty. And play practice. But no church tonight! So I believe hubby, mom and maybe my brother are going to dinner with me. And Chronicles of Narnia maybe? We shall see...

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MalContent said...

Yes. I did indeed snigger at Brazilian Blowout. I'm pretty sure you knew I would, if you thought about it at all.

Happy birthday again, Litlbit.