Thursday, December 2, 2010

Let's Count

Counting today there are...
  • 4 days until I get a free upgrade of internet and cable. Oh, and we're getting our first ever house phone number. No phone yet, but we'll have a number.
  • 7 days until my grandpa flies in from Alabama.
  • 8 days until my grandpa's birthday. I'm making German Chocolate cupcakes. (What is it that makes them German, anyway?)
  • 9 days until we host UFC and I get to watch my man Georges St. Pierre whoop on Josh Koscheck.
  • 12 days until we probably do the walk down Christmas Tree Lane. Thus beginning my multi-day birthday celebration.
  • 13 days until my birthday!!! I'm not taking off work, but I do believe we're going to dinner and then going to see the new Narnia movie!!
  • 14 days until our Christmas program at school. Did I mention I'm kind of an acting coach? Anyone who knows me will find this hilarious.
  • 15 days until our last day before break. I'm pretty excited for the party for the kids.

I won't count down to Christmas. We don't actually want to see that small number, do we?

Happy Thursday.

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