Wednesday, December 22, 2010


So while perusing Twitter I came across a link that Pioneer Woman tweeted. I clicked it thinking maybe it would take me to some amazing recipe, but what I got to was so so SO much better.

Click here and read. Now. Or if you don't have time now, let me give you the gist of it and you must read later. PROMISE me you will read.

Basically, a blogger wanted to give back. So she had some gift cards to the first twenty people who commented that they really need help this Christmas. The cards went fast because so many are out there hurting this year. But then people started coming out of the woodwork. Offering money and gift cards and asking to be matched up with someone who needed some help. After a few days of total strangers showing genuine care for their fellow man, more than $40,000 in donations has been sent out to total strangers to help them have a Christmas.

That right there made me cry a little. And I'm definitely feeling the Christmas spirit at the moment.

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