Monday, December 27, 2010


And I'm recovering. I'm not going to detail the ups and downs of my health over the past two weeks, I'll just leave it at this. I was sick, started getting better, started getting worse, started getting better, got worse again, ended up in hubby's ER yesterday morning to find out what the HECK is wrong with me. Know what the doctor said?

German measles.

Ummmm, what? Who even gets that? Turns out people with really weak immune systems. And that would definitely fit a first year teacher who tried to cram way too much in these last couple weeks. I'm already recovering now. I think the fever is already gone, but Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were no bueno. :( It feels like every year hubby and I take turns being sick. Last year was his turn, so this year was mine. Next year I'm overloading us with vitamins so we might actually both enjoy the holidays.

Now I'm hoping to enjoy my last two weeks of vacation and get back to normal. Hope everyone else was able to have a great holiday weekend.

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