Friday, December 3, 2010

Friday Photo

Holaaa! It's Friday! This week totally flew by. I remember dragging my butt out of bed Monday. I was cold, tired, and ready for more vacation. And now I'm already through another week. Wow.

So unless you're totally oblivious, you've noticed that I changed up my blog a bit. I was bored. I also made a fan page on Facebook. That was more of a joke between myself and the pastor I work with. But it's there now, so feel free to like me if you have a Facebook.

So on this fan page I needed a profile picture. I picked this one.

Photo courtesy of my little manlet, Tad. I love that you can see his reflection in my sunglasses. I also kind of love the picture, haha.

So what are your plans for this fine Friday? I'm going to head home after work, put on sweatpants, and hopefully do some sewing. Or Christmas crafting. I'm really not sure yet. Maybe both. If anyone wants to join me for a night of crafting and wine, hit me up. I love crafting, I love wine, and I love friends.

Happy Friday!

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