Monday, December 20, 2010

Hello Again

Hi. Did ya miss me? I kind of fell off the radar last week. It was as crazy as crazy can get. So let's give you a rundown.

Monday morning I woke up with swollen lymph nodes. So I called my doc who got me in after work. Couldn't find anything else wrong with me though. So she gave me antibiotics. Monday night I got a call that no one likes getting - we had lost a family member. It wasn't out of nowhere, she had been sick, but it was still really hard. We all gathered at my grandma's that night. Lots of tears, lots of stories, lots of everything. I came home exhausted.

Tuesday was spent recovering from Monday. Plus musical practice, plus actors-only practice after school. I was ready for bed when I got home.

Wednesday was my birthday and it was a great one. I got Facebook posts, texts, cards... one of my kids even asked his mom to make me cupcakes so she did! I felt loved.

Thursday was sooooo loooooong. Last play practice and this time it was dress rehearsal with the set up on stage. The set threw off my little actors and the principal and I were so worried! But they had to do it so we just prayed that it would all work out Thursday night. Stayed in my classroom all afternoon because home is far enough from work that it wasn't worth it to go home before the play. But it ended on a great note because THE KIDS ROCKED THE PLAY. They did so good and I was so proud!

Friday was the last day before vacation so I knew that all I would be able to accomplish with the kids was their spelling test. And I was right, even that was tough when they're distracted by our impending Christmas party. It was pajama day and a half day too. Love wearing my pjs to work. :) Our party went well. I had about ten parents in the room at any given moment which was fine with me. They enjoyed themselves too and I actually got a chance to breathe.

When the kids went home I realized my head behind my ear was THROBBING. So I popped some ibuprofen and went home. Didn't get better. Took a nap. Didn't get better. Finally at seven that night I went to the urgent care at my medical group where I dealt with a kind of jerky doctor who almost didn't even give me pain medication even though MY HEAD FELT LIKE SOMETHING WAS ABOUT TO EXPLODE OUT OF IT. Seriously. Like a scene from Alien. Only my head, not my stomach. She called it mastoiditis and said if I got a fever I should go to the ER.

Saturday was spent on the couch catching up on soap operas. No ER visits thankfully. And Sunday I woke up feeling a bit better. Not ready to call myself cured at all, but optimistic that I would be able to avoid the ER again.

Now I'm going to call my REAL doctor today for follow-up. Hopefully my antibiotics are doing the trick and I won't have to go through anything gross or painful. And now that it's Monday I have four days to finish presents and bake. No rush or anything...

Happy Monday.

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