Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Florida - Part 6

Last day of the trip! I was so ready for the last day. We hit up the Magic Kingdom for the last day. And spent the WHOLE day with just the three of us. We split up as soon as we were walking in.

As we walked up toward the castle we managed to hit a show that was just starting. With no crowd. Score.

It was pretty cute. Tad seemed to enjoy it. From there we hit Pirates of the Caribbean (at Tad's request). Short line - yay! We actually lumped a bunch of rides together before lunch because there was no line. Splash Mountain was the only line and we used a Fast Pass on that one. Tad actually loved it. He wanted to go get on it again right away.

At this point I'll mention the TROPICAL STORM that was headed our way. We saw it on the news. Hubby's sis mentioned it that morning. And there were random pieces of conversation I heard about it around the park. We had kind of just watched the clouds all morning.

Then we had lunch. And it was obvious that a storm was coming. We spotted a random pirate starting a little show and I'm glad we stopped because Jack Sparrow popped up!

He was good. I want to know where the heck Disney finds these people. So as the show is ending hubby and I both felt the pressure drop. Like, felt it. And sure enough, it starts sprinkling a little. So we headed to the Jungle Cruise because that line was covered at least.

I'm glad we did. Because it started POURING.

Pouring to the point of busting out our ponchos (okay, just Tad and me).

Yeah. Like that. It ended before we got off the ride. Thankfully. And we only had to deal with a couple other showers the rest of the day. I think we missed some stuff while we were indoors a couple times.

Tad got to drive the cars on the little racetrack. Giving hubby whiplash in the process. He was apparently a pretty bad driver.

But look at that face. How can you deny him the chance to drive?

Here's a nice picture of the swirling clouds we got to see. You might have to look at it for a minute to catch the swirl action.

The day finally started winding down and I was actually really glad. We caught a couple good pictures and caught a few more rides.

Then it was time to wait for the Main Street Electrical Parade. It was super packed, but we got lucky enough to have a spot where Tad could see.

And of course, as you MUST do when at Disney, we waited for the fireworks. Which were spectacular, the way they should be.

And with that, we were done. And I was SO glad. All the parks were fun, but I missed my bed. And the California weather. And feet that weren't sore.

I mentioned it before, but I honestly think I like our parks better. Maybe if I did Florida at a different (slower) pace. And NOT in summer. But we won't be trying that until we have kids of our own one day. Which won't be for a looooong time.

Tad is still enjoying talking about parts of the trip, so that made it worth it for me. I'm so glad I got to be there with that kid. And that's pretty much all that matters.

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