Sunday, August 15, 2010

Kids Obsess About Things

I've known that children can be obsessive about things. I've noticed that Tad picks some odd things to fixate on sometimes. But it's usually pretty amusing.

Like yesterday.

My mom bought him some 3D chalk. (Have you seen this stuff? It's actually really cool!) So of course we have to test it out. While we're out he draws what looks like a squiggly line with a circle on top. Then starts drawing something at the bottom. So I ask him what it is.

"A cow getting sucked up in a twister. Remember? Like the ride? He's saying 'Moooooooo!'"

Of course I died laughing because I totally know what he's talking about. In Orlando there was an "experience" based on the movie Twister. In line they showed movie clips and the main actors talking about tornadoes and the cow scene got shown. That cow scene apparently stuck with him. So he drew cows being sucked into tornadoes.

So what did we do? Went out and bought the movie for him last night. And watched it while we ate. I think he liked it :)

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