Thursday, August 26, 2010

5 Things

I had a birthday on Tuesday so I thought I'd bring my list over to today. I haven't been doing much exciting stuff since work started. But there are some exciting things coming up.

5 Things I Can't Wait For
  1. Friday. Not just Fridays in general, although those are great now. But this Friday hubby and I are heading up to see his cousins. Cousin Tony is in a band and we haven't gone to see him yet. We'll be remedying that.
  2. My grandpa's party. He has a big birthday this year and we're throwing him a giant party. There's a lot of planning going into it, but it's going to be totally worth it.
  3. Labor Day. It's a day off. WITH hubby. We don't get those anymore with our completely opposite schedules. I'd love to go do something, but I'd be just as happy to stay home with him all day and do nothing important.
  4. My friend's wedding. Massive party with people I love? Yes. Seeing two friends tie the knot? Yes.
  5. My next weekend with Tad. I miss him. My kids at school are cute, but they're not Tad. :) I miss my baby.
I'm so busy right now that I need to be looking forward to things like days off, parties, and the like. Once I get ahead with my lesson planning and I'm getting things done faster I'm sure I'll feel a little better. But for now, I'm counting days until some fun, relaxing events.

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