Monday, August 30, 2010

Poor Neglected Blog

I'm fully aware that my quality (and even quantity) of blogging has suffered.

You try being creative after working with children all day. Children who want all your attention. Children who require real planning because they're too young to get what they need out of a lecture.

Wish lists may be less frequent. Okay, who am I kidding? They will be. They take a lot of time. I love them. They're fun. But they just take so much work.

I'm hoping (fingers crossed) that I'll get my new computer soon. I have one picked out, just need to jump on the actual ordering of the thing. Once I have that you WILL get more pictures. And I have plenty to show you. Okay, maybe not plenty, but enough to keep you coming back. I actually took a different route home from work today and drove by some spots (I drive through country and farmland) that could make for some AMAZING pictures. I can't wait to go by again. If I time it right and I'm not rushed they'll be the type that end up on the wall.

So thanks to those of you who are sticking with me. I noticed my numbers are falling, but not too drastically. So some of you must love me. :)

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