Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Florida - Part 5

Thursday. And I was so wishing I could sleep in. But we didn't. We headed off to Hollywood Studios at Disney.

I may or may not have been singing (badly) the High School Musical songs. Possibly DESPITE my oldest niece not willing to join in.

The Pixar area is the CUTEST. We spotted a toy soldier. And the boys got to pose in front of a Barrel of Monkeys. Where else can you do that? We actually ended up splitting from the group pretty early that day because Tad could do everything but one rollercoaster and we decided we could skip that if we ran out of time.

Hubby's sister is really amused that her son (in the front, the ONLY white kid in the picture) is making the same exact face as hubby.

We got lucky that we split. Because that let us catch a picture with a Power Ranger. Leading to one of the cutest pictures I have seen.

It also led us to hear an engine revving. And a horn honking. And I SO KNEW what it was. I stopped Tad and made him listen. You wouldn't believe how big his eyes got when he realized who he was hearing. This picture is getting framed for his room.

We hit up the Muppets 3D show. And prepared to wait in line for Star Tours. But we were in line less than a minute when a woman approached me (with a Southern drawl that I loved) and asked me how many of us were in our group. I told her three and she hands me some Fast Passes that are good at that moment. She explained they weren't going to use them so we could have them. Yay for nice Southern strangers! So we got that ride done quick.

There was a necessary ice cream break while we waited for the parade.

I'm rather proud of this picture. And the next one.

We've seen the parade before, but it's too fun to miss. But after it was over we were ready for some shade. So we headed off to the Indiana Jones stunt show. And it was a good show. But Tad's verdict says it best: "When I grow up, I'm going to move to Florida, and be Indiana Jones in this show." He was dead serious when he said it.

I think the hat works for him, don't you? I'm pretty sure we know this year's Halloween costume.

Then there was the wait for Buzz and Woody. Which you saw a little bit of last Monday. And yes, Tad is STILL amused that I made Woody sad.

We did the Toy Story ride right after that. Which was the other longest wait of the week.

Then I made my bad decision and let hubby talk me into putting this precious baby on the Tower of Terror.

He's still proud of that. He told some of my family on Sunday. They were appropriately shocked and I think it made him grow a few inches to hear how impressed they were.

We also waited for Fantasmic. Which was worth it, but not really. This park uses a special custom stadium for their show. So there was an INSANE line. More than one employee assured us that we didn't need to wait in line for that long because they've seen MUCH worse and the last show of the night NEVER fills up.

Yeah right. We stood. Way in the back. With Tad on hubby's shoulders so he could see. But the show was still amazing. Possibly better than our show out here.

I'll just throw something else in here too. I like California's parks better. Aside from the ease of seeing a show, I feel like the people (meaning employees) here are nicer. Which is NOT something I thought I would ever say about California. But that's just me. And it didn't keep me from having fun. Just thought I'd toss that in before I forget.

Tomorrow... last recap. Complete with a tropical storm.

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