Saturday, August 21, 2010

Happy Birthday to...

My best friend Lauren!!!

Sorry for the dark picture. I didn't really feel like plugging in the external hard drive so I had to steal this one from one of our friends. This is OBVIOUSLY Lauren's wedding that just happened in June.

Lauren and I are total opposites in some ways. Like our senses of humor (mine is meaner) and our general volume (I'm the loud one). But it works really well. We met in one of our college classes and I'm pretty sure I opened the conversation with a sarcastic remark about the class. She laughed. Then we were BFFs. haha

Lauren is an amazing person. Pretty sure I couldn't have made it through school without her. We had some interesting times in college. She's a teacher too and she has saved my sanity over the past week and a half. I love this girl.

Happy Birthday my Lauren! Eat lots of ice cream and remember I love you!!!

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