Tuesday, August 17, 2010

5 Things

Hola. It's your favorite school teacher here to prove that I'm still surviving.

Actually, week two is going okay. So I don't really have much to complain about. Except my need for extra hours in the day. In fact, let's go into exactly what I would do with more hours in the day...

5 Things I Would Do With More Hours in the Day
  1. SLEEP!!! My pillow is giving me longing looks every time I walk into the room. My pajamas beg me to wear them. And I'm pretty sure the weeping I hear is my brain begging me for mercy.
  2. Clean. My classroom that is. I didn't get to go through everything that was in there before school started. So I'm doing without some transparencies and posters that lessons are calling for. I'm making my own stuff as needed, but it would be really nice to know where everything is.
  3. Plan. If I could just get ahead on lesson plans, I would be able to have a little more time. I know I'll get ahead at some point, but sooner would be much preferable to later.
  4. Relax. I miss hubby. We haven't gone to a movie in a while. He got to go to one with my brother today. I miss those weekday movie trips.
  5. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Veg. Read a book. Take a nap. All of the above. I know they probably count as relaxing, but I'm giving them their own category.
I know I probably sound like a MASSIVE whiner. But y'all have to know I'm not totally serious. I do like what I'm doing. Is it stressful? HECK yes. But it'll get better. My bestie promised me that you catch up and get ahead and it gets better from there. And she said her second year has been easier. So I'm sure I'll be fine.

But if you do find a way to get some extra hours in the day, send me your time machine. :)

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