Sunday, August 8, 2010

Happy Birthday to...

... my other little brother Eric!

Okay, so this picture is actually really old. Like, probably over two years. But it's the one I thought Eric would hate the least. He's lost a lot of weight (way to go little bro!) and we seem to have zero pictures together since then.

Eric, we need to remedy this. Time to go out.

Anyway, Eric cracks me up. He was still in high school when hubby and I met. So I got to watch his semi-awkward high school years (yay!). He was always a funny kid, but now he's super cool and I love when we hang out with him. Even if he does talk about how hot my cousin is all the time...

So happy birthday Eric! Let's go out this week before I have to start work. You know I'm your favorite sis.

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MalContent said...

Your cousin IS hot. Erm. Assuming we're talking about the same cousin. Haha!