Tuesday, August 31, 2010

5 Things

Who has two thumbs and had a fun weekend? THIS GIRL!!!!

Yeah, I haven't had much fun at night since I started working. It's tough with hubby and I having opposite schedules. But this weekend we actually went out! Twice! Almost three times, but Sunday night didn't happen. So let's jump in and discuss the...

5 Awesome Things About My Weekend
  1. I got to see our cousin Tony play an awesome show. Seriously. If you have a Facebook check out the Mighty Mites. They were SOOOOO sweet.
  2. I got a good laugh out of a crazy chick trying to hit on my brother-in-law. She was LEGIT crazy. Crazy and gross enough to the point that my poor brother wanted a rape-shower. haha
  3. I hung out with a couple cousins that I haven't seen for... at least a month? Always nice.
  4. I got a true example of just how hard karma hits when you deserve it. Then I felt like a bad person for laughing at the situation. Then I realized that this girl REALLY did earn it.
  5. My brother came to kick it with me! And we worked on an amazing project of amazingness! He even stuck around and watched some of the Emmy Awards with me.
These things don't even include the shopping with mom and the mimosas for no reason on Sunday. Those definitely made the list. And the next two weekends will be just as sweet. A big party and a wedding of a best friend? I can't wait. :)

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