Saturday, January 1, 2011


Just checking in to see how everyone spent their first day of 2011. I got in a nap with the fur baby. Watched a Jaws marathon on Encore. Snacked on random food I happened to have at home. Never changed out of my sweatpants. Built a nice fire. And started a book. I'm guessing when hubby gets home we'll do more of the same. Maybe grab some dinner because cleaning the kitchen was NOT part of my day. :) Hope everyone else was able to relax and enjoy their day.

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MalContent said...

I woke up on a couch, staggered blearily to a nearby diner that turned out to be closed, staggered back, went to my usual cafe, visited Blockbuster, watched How to Train Your Dragon and about half of Inception, had lasagna for dinner and passed out before midnight. Not a bad day, but it went by way too fast, haha. So did today, for that matter.