Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wednesday Wish List

Don't rejoice too hard. I'm not sure these are back permanently. They likely won't be every week. But I was inspired this week. My kids are learning about past times in history and yesterday they learned a little about how school used to be. I had a slate that my grandpa used and a couple old texts - one belonging to my grandma and another older one from 1883! My mom has tons of cool stuff from family members, but that stuff I knew would get the attention of my kids.

So I turned to Etsy to check out some vintage stuff. I loved all of this and more. But this stuff is big enough that I can put it on my weird wall/shelf/things in my living room.

Seriously, I love this stuff and would be stoked to get it. I told hubby I now want a small collection of old school books. There's a TON on Etsy.

"Readin', 'ritin', 'rithmetic." Seriously?! Love. (via MidwestSplendor)

My mom has an old school desk. But this one is small enough that I could put it up on the wall ledge/shelf/thing (like my fancy terms?) without an obscene amount of work. Although I bet it's dang heavy. (via VintageModernDesign)

Do you guys remember this?? Totes not in condition to play with, so it can join my vintage school stuff collection. (via kitschcafe)

And I would definitely need an old globe, right? I want one that glaringly out of date. It just adds to the awesomeness. (via onelovelyrosebud) *Um, holy cow, just looked at the other pic for this globe and it totes says "Union of Soviet Socialist Republics." I NEED it now!!!

So there you are. A fun wish list. Well, fun for me. But it could be fun for you too if you like this stuff. Seriously, hit up the vintage section on Etsy sometime. Just for fun. I typed in "school" and came back with all kinds of fun stuff. And if you ever decide to buy me a tiny present, the vintage books are totally reasonably priced. :)

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