Tuesday, January 25, 2011

5 Things


I've been tired. So have my children. Maybe yesterday was a mix of the Mondays and the fog we've been having, but I feel like my kids were so sleepy! Anyone else have a day like that? Better yet, any teachers feel that way? I came home and read (for fun, yay!) until I fell asleep. I love naps.

Anyway, I'm over the fog. I want some rain. Fog is boring. Rain is better. And there's so much fog that my class is having to stay inside at recess because it's wet. So why not have rain instead.

So should we get to this week's list? I kind of made it up off the top of my head.

5 Random Things
  1. So even though Greenlee is our little furbaby, we're planning on getting a second furbaby this summer. Six months of her being an only child is plenty, right? Hubby and I have furbaby #2's name picked out. But I'm not telling yet. :)
  2. I think I need another pair or two of boots. The tall, flat ones. Because as of right now, I want to wear my black ones every day. It's the only way I'll even consider wearing a skirt right now. Unfortch, I'm cheap. This does not make boot shopping easy.
  3. I made an appointment to check something off my 30 Before 30 list. I'm also making progress toward another thing on the list. In related news, if a road trip is something I've always wanted to do anyway, does that count as a legit vacation? Because hubby and I are possibly planning one.
  4. I have Valentine's Day off. So does hubby. I want to make plans.
  5. I may actually watch the Super Bowl this year. Last time I did was... in high school? Haha, probably last time Green Bay was in it. Which would be the only reason I watch this year. Don't ask me how a California girl gets to be a fan of a Wisconsin team...
There you are. A peek inside the scrambled thoughts in my head. There's a lot more going through there right now, this was just some of the more interesting stuff.

Happy Tuesday!

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