Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Photo

It's Friday! I'm so ready for it this week. The constant fog is getting to me. It's so gloomy! And I think it has my kids going a little stir-crazy. Pretty sure it's just bugging everyone right now. The weekend forecast has a chance at rain, which I will happily embrace.

Anyway, last weekend my bestie came over and I finally got to see all her wedding pictures. Remember last June when I was in a wedding? Well, she used the same fabulous photographer I used (hey Mariano!) so I was already going to love every picture.

Then I came across this one. Which I had totally forgotten about.

That would be me with another dear friend from college, Liz (or Liz Liz as I like to call her). We decided to have an epic battle of the bouquets. Because that's the kind of stuff we do when we're together. Really. Mariano turned and caught us playing and told us to continue. I love how into it we are in this picture. I might have to put this one up in my house.

So have a laugh, and happy Friday!

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