Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Just Thinking Out Loud

Some people really suck.

I'm sure you're all aware of this. These days most kids have that figured out by fifth grade. Which is sad. But that's what happens... some people suck so much that kids can see it.

Don't go worrying about me at the moment. I'm actually pretty good. Feeling good about work, today's my grandma's birthday, my dog is listening pretty well lately... I'm bueno. But I despise hearing about people who live to make others miserable. I'm not even sure they're aware they're doing it.

So can we all do something today? For your friend Typhoid? Actually, two things.

One, pray for the sucky people that I'm thinking about. I won't give names - that would be rude. But just know that I'm aware of some people who need to take a good, long, HARD look at themselves and see what they are doing to their "loved ones."

Two, take a look at yourself today. See if you've been doing anything - anything at all - that could be making a person close to you angry/miserable/resentful/etc. Or if there's someone you know that's just trying to control you, tell them! They might not listen (true nature of a control freak), but you may feel better having said something.

Okay, I guess I have a third thing for you to do for me. Appreciate someone who does not suck. I know I have some people in mind who I will tell in actual words, "Thank you for being sane."

And now, have a happy Wednesday. Or try. I will. I'm not gonna let the lame-o's ruin my day. :)

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