Tuesday, April 13, 2010

5 Things...

Well, given that I am MAJORLY excited about Glee returning tonight...

5 Things About Glee
  1. This show is so good, even hubby enjoys it. Seriously. He doesn't just watch it because I am, he ENJOYS it.
  2. Sue Sylvester is the best villain EVAARRRR!
  3. The episode with the special needs girl trying out for the Cheerios... followed by Sue reading to her own special needs sister... um, I cried. Amazing episode.
  4. Kurt playing football is also one of my faves. Partly because it cracks me up to watch the football team dance. But also because my friend LeRoy was channel surfing and came across it. He stopped because it was a show involving a football team... then they started dancing. He was fantastically confused and it's my new favorite story about him.
  5. I'm not really a Madonna fan, but I'm SO looking forward to next weeks episode with her songs. SO LOOKING FORWARD.

P.S. - I'll still post an American Idol blog tonight. It's the best way to let all my pent up snark out. haha

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