Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wednesday Wish List

I had a good morning. We found the old range that we were looking for. Of course that was after running into some snooty woman who suggested that nothing like that would ever exist so close to residential areas. Right lady. Go worship the new health care plan now. I have no use for you.

So hubby, brother and I found it. Shot a few hundred rounds. I decided that v-neck shirts are a bad idea when the gun you're shooting ejects the brass RIGHT at you (I had some hopping moments to make sure nothing went down my shirt).

And now I'm home giving you a wish list. Today it's some random things on Etsy I've been eying for - you guessed it - the house.

Very much want this for my little man's room. He would love it. (via Dayna Gedney)

This guy is just too cute! This would also be adorable in Tad's room. (via pumml)

And because I always tell Tad I love him to infinity and beyond, I think he needs this one. (via singlestonestudios)
I like the idea of having this in my sewing room. Different color though. Maybe yellow... (via KeepCalmShop)

I love this!! I love having fresh flowers so it's perfect. And it can go right by our table. (via vol25)

I like this guy. He would have to go in Tad's room though. I don't think cartoon robots belong in the living room, do you? (via botodesigns)

And this wall vinyl is pretty much awesome. With my love for The Beatles and all. Just not sure where it would go yet. It would be pretty cute in the middle of some family pics. (via studio jk)

Can you tell our walls have been the focus of things lately? It's hard to find "grown up" art that I like though. Feel free to send suggestions my way. My walls are a bit too naked.

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