Tuesday, April 13, 2010

American Idol - Top 9... Again

Yup, the judges used their save last week on Big Mike (thank GOD). So this week we'll see two people leave. It's Elvis night and Adam Lambert is their coach (because that makes total sense?).

First up is Crystal. She picked "Saved." She sounds okay. No different than any other week. The judges loved her. DUH.

Next is Andrew. He picked "Hound Dog." Meh. I don't love it. He sounds fine, but it's not that exciting. Randy said it was bad karaoke. Ellen thought he pulled it off. Kara said he didn't own it. Simon said it was "lazy."

Tim is up next. He picked "Can't Help Fallin' in Love." Okay, I actually really like this song so I'm interested. Ooookay I kinda love it. Tim doesn't usually impress me, but he TOTALLY is tonight. This could be a version people would play obsessively at weddings. Randy liked it. Ellen really enjoyed it and said she "can't help falling in love with him." Kara said it's her favorite performance of his. Simon said he went from zero to hero.

Now it's Lee's turn. He picked "A Little Less Conversation." Also a good song. I just love his voice. Even hubby is enjoying him tonight. I like it. Randy loved it. Ellen said he made it really current. Kara said she's never seen him go for it vocally like he did tonight. Simon said he nailed the song.

Aaron now. He's singing "Blue Suede Shoes." Meh. I'm just not impressed by him. I'm not buying him rocking out. Randy only liked it a little. Ellen thought it was a big song to take on, but he didn't get all the way there. Kara liked it. Simon didn't. I'm with Simon.

Siobhan is next. She picked "Suspicious Minds." The funny thing is that I totally guessed she would sing this. Hubby just laughed when she confirmed my suspicions. Meh. It doesn't sound very current to me. Hubby said Dwight Yoakam did it better. Randy liked it. Ellen really liked it. Kara didn't love it and actually said she was a little confused. Hubby was shocked he agreed with her. Simon didn't like it.

Big Mike! He picked "In the Ghetto." Um, wow. He sounds great. Randy said it was a little sleepy, but the vocals were hot. Ellen told him she's glad they saved him. Kara said he sang it well. Simon said it was better than last week and one of his favorites.

Up now is Katie. She's singing "Baby What Do You Want Me To Do?" She sounds good. She's actually kind of believable tonight, which is a little surprising to me. Randy liked it. Ellen said it was great. Kara loved it. Simon said he just found it loud and a little annoying.

Last spot is Casey! He picked "Lawdy Miss Clawdy." Liked the beginning. Liking the rest of it. It's very him. But it's also similar to other performances we've heard. Last week was still better. Randy said it was another solid performance. Ellen said it wasn't as exciting as she would have liked, but still good. Kara said it fell short. Simon said it was a wasted opportunity.

Okay, off the top of my head, my pick for the two going home are Andrew and Aaron. Andrew just has trouble grabbing everyone's attention. And Aaron hasn't been exciting either. I have no guesses other than them. I'm hoping Big Mike will be safe.

Now I'm off to watch Glee!!!

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