Tuesday, April 6, 2010

American Idol - Top 9

Another Tuesday. Theme tonight is Lennon and McCartney. People doing The Beatles scares me.

Aaron is up first. He picked "The Long and Winding Road." He sounds good, but honestly I'm a little bored by it. Randy said he has a good voice. Ellen suggested she was bored with it. Kara said he's been showing the same side of him and it's been like the same performance week after week. Simon said it was boring.

Katie picked "Let It Be." Ummm... pretty much love this song. But I'll probably say that about any Beatles song. Okay, I'm liking her. A lot. Randy said it was her best performance ever. Ellen said she was amazing. Kara said she's "blossoming" on the stage (whatever she means by that) and she's never sounded better. Simon said she "got it right." And Kara decided to sing at Simon for no good reason. ATTENTION WHORE!!!!

Now it's time for Andrew. He picked "Can't Buy Me Love." He changed it a little, but not too much. I like it. It's fun. Randy said it was "solid" and he sounded good. Ellen said it was a perfect song choice and a lot of fun. Kara wanted to love it, but didn't. Simon thought the band overpowered him and it was irrelevant.

Big Mike is next. He's singing "Eleanor Rigby." I totally remember when David Cook did this one. Hope I like Big Mike just as much. He sounds good (of course). I like it, but don't really love it. Randy said not all the parts worked, but the parts that worked were great. Ellen said it was incredible. Kara said he was amazing. Simon didn't love it because he said it felt like a musical.

Crystal picked "Come Together." Sounds about right for her. It ever-so-slightly reminds me of the version from Across The Universe (note to self: why don't I own that movie?). She sounds good, but I feel like she's sounded better. The song still totally suits her. Randy liked it, but said it wasn't her best. Ellen liked her. Kara said it was one of her favorites. Huh? Simon said it was a performance he could hear on the radio.

Tim is up and he's singing "All My Loving." I love this one. I can't help but sing along. I'm kinda diggin' his version. I wouldn't run out and buy it, but I wouldn't change the station if it was on. Randy said it was a better performance than he's been giving. Ellen said it was a perfect song choice and thought it was good. Kara said he's taking their advice. Simon thought he did really well (and surprised me with that comment!).

Time for Casey. He picked "Jealous Guy." I gotta say... he's lookin' pretty cute tonight. ;) He sounds GOOD tonight. Love his vocals. Oh yeah, that performance ended with a *sigh* over here. Randy was impressed. Ellen said it was his best performance to date. Kara said he showed depth. Simon said it was the best of the night.

Siobhan's turn. She's singing "Across the Universe." Uhhh... okay. Love this song, hope she doesn't hurt it. Her outfit isn't helping any. It's weird. I don't know how I feel about the performance. I really DON'T KNOW. She sounds fine, but it's kind of boring? But not totally boring? I can't tell if it's current? Can you tell I don't know what to think? Randy said it was a little sleepy, but he liked seeing the tender side from her. Ellen liked her, and pretty much almost gushed. Kara said it felt restrained and polite. Simon said she came back from her "disastrous" week last week.

Lee gets the last spot. He picked "Hey Jude." I can see where this could totally work for him... aaaand it's totally workin' for me. I like it. He just has a great voice though, and I like almost everything he does. Randy said it was "hot." Ellen loved it. Kara said she's a fan. Simon had issues with the bagpipe player (I agree he was unnecessary).

Ahhh, I don't know if I can pick a bottom three. I would say Aaron, but we all know that the obsessive moms are voting for him. Even though she doesn't deserve it, Katie could always be there again. And I hate to say it, but maaaybe Andrew? He didn't seem as strong as some of the others tonight. I guess you can take those as my three guesses. Meh, I'll throw Tim in too. Because I honestly have no clue at this point.

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