Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wednesday Wish List

Today's list is complete randomness. Because I've been busy and even though I could have come up with a theme, it made more sense to me to make no sense at all. Because that's how life is at the moment? Get it? haha

A certain little boy has a birthday coming up very soon. Which led me to search "Where the Wild Things Are" on Etsy. I liked this stuff.

This ring makes me giddy. From the side, it's Max's crown. From the top it's the sea that Max sails on. And that removable top? Yup, it's a little compartment in that ring. (via SnapdragonStudios)

Not gonna lie. This made me tear up just a bit. I showed it to hubby and he decided I can probably rock this one myself. So if I find fabric like this, I may be trying. I tell Tad this all the time. (via inspiredmess)

I also found some good ol' random cuteness.

I want this terrarium very badly. The birdhouse. The mushroom. DYING of the cuteness. (via noplacelikegnome)

This print made me laugh. Because of my duck obsession while we were at the apartment. And I still feed the ducks at one of the parks we go to. (via NayArts)

Hopefully my mother-in-law isn't reading the blog today. Because I'm pretty sure we're going to buy her one of these for her birthday. We were at an antique shop in Cayucos on Monday (no we don't regularly go to antique shops, we just ended up in there) and I saw some. We decided that she just needs one (you have to know my mother-in-law to agree). (via Gypsygirltrinkets)

Aaaand I've been on a bird kick lately. Maybe not just lately. But it's in the front of my mind right now because of the bridal shower I'm throwing (hello love birds theme!). So here's some cuteness I found.

I wish I had seen these a week ago. Because they would have been ADORABLE on the invites I made. (via cupcaketree)

These vases make me smile. They're all under two inches tall. And they'd be right at home on a little shelf in my sewing room (which already has a decorative bird cage - thanks Mom!). (via catherinereece)

And the ring. Oh the ring. This actually isn't a set, even though there are two pictured. But I want. Badly. Oh. So. Badly. (via ottobone)

There ya are. A nice random list full of things to make me happy.

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