Tuesday, April 20, 2010

American Idol - Top 7

Down to seven. Hubby just asked me if Ryan was going to apologize tonight for the crack-head moments last week. I told him no.

Dude, cameramen and spotlight men need to get their stuff together. When all the contestants came out there were some serious issues where the lights were hitting right into the cameras. *sigh* Idol, are you even trying?

Anywho, since tomorrow is Idol Gives Back, the contestants are singing "inspirational" songs tonight. And Alicia Keys is the mentor.

Casey is up first up and singing "Don't Stop." He sounds good. I enjoy him and his guitar. His performance isn't the most original thing I've ever heard, but I like him anyway. Randy said it was good, not his best. Ellen said he was good, but not great. Kara didn't make much sense but wasn't thrilled. Simon said it wasn't inspiring and called it a lazy song choice.

Lee picked "The Boxer" by Simon and Garfunkel. I don't know this one. But he sounds good to me. Randy said he's a great artist ready to make great records. Ellen said it was a beautiful song choice and called it his best performance. Kara said he had his "moment" tonight. Simon said it was the best (even though it's early to say that). He also threw out sincere, emotional, and inspirational.

Tim's turn. He's singing "Better Days" by The Goo Goo Dolls. I really like this one. I'm not sure I'm a fan. I want to be. But it's just not wowing me. Randy said it was only okay. Ellen didn't like him today. But there was a nice soup of the day analogy in there. Kara said it wasn't his best. Simon said he wasn't believable, but he's been improving.

Aaron picked R. Kelly's "I Believe I Can Fly." *gag* I reeeeally don't like this song. Like, REALLY. That said, his voice sounds fine. Even good. But I still don't like the song choice. At all. Randy said he did a good job with a "giant" song. Ellen said he handled the song well. Kara liked it by the end. Simon said he would have turned it off had it been on the radio.

Siobhan's up. She picked "When You Believe." I had to Google it to figure out what movie it was from (Prince of Egypt). Wait, I just looked up. WHAT IS SHE WEARING??? Is she aware that she's not trying out for the part of a forest fairy? Um, I think she sounded good. But honestly I wasn't paying attention once I saw what she's wearing. Randy said it was just okay. Ellen said it was more confirmation why she's there. Kara said it was technically good, but it was a little dramatic. Simon was with Randy. He said the arrangement was old-fashioned and he was distracted by her outfit (thanks for the backup, Simon!).

**Why do they give her twenty minutes after her performances to sit there and justify her choice? No one else gets to argue their case. A little favoritism Idol??**

Time for Big Mike! He picked "Hero"by Chad Kroeger. Ummm, LOVE this song! And I like him. Big surprise, right? His version is just a little different, but it's workin' for me. I clapped for him in my living room. :) Randy said he held his own (whatever that means for him). Ellen thought he did a great job. Kara said it wasn't her fave. Simon said he sang it well. Then he went and said it was about Spiderman (UM NO, it's from the movie, but it's not ABOUT him).

Crystal got the last slot. She picked "People Get Ready." It sounds like a typical Crystal song. How can people say that other contestants are doing the same thing week after week, but not mention that she's doing the same thing? Yeah, she's good. But it's the same performance from one week to the next. Um, why is she crying? She'll obviously be here tomorrow night. Randy said it was unbelievable. Ellen said it was beautiful. Kara loved her. Simon loved it.

Okay seriously, I don't get it. She sounds the same every week to me. Is anyone else getting this vibe? Hubby is with me. Someone tell me I'm not just hating on her and I'm actually making some sense.

Anyway, home tomorrow... I'll put Aaron, Tim and Big Mike in the bottom. Maybe. I'm not so good at this once it gets to lower numbers. So I guess we'll see.

Time for Glee!!! Madonna episode. It will be faaaabulouuuussss!!!!

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