Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fools!!!

Ha, two years ago Tad didn't fully understand that April Fool's Day is only the FIRST day of April. Or even that it's only in April. He shouted it at people frequently. Including at my wedding rehearsal. Dang kid...

I'm not big on the day (that's the teacher in me). Although there are some good things you can do to your family members that won't take a lot of prep. Let me share.
  1. Do you have one of those spray attachments for your sink? Before your victim uses the sink, head over there with a rubber band. Wrap it around the handle of the attachment so that the thing is pressed down. When your victim turns on the regular faucet it will come out of the sprayer... right at them if you've positioned the sprayer straight out. I'm a fan of that one (yes, I've done it).
  2. Do you have kids? Make dinner look like dessert tonight. Make meatloaf in your cupcake pans. Then top it with mashed potato "frosting." I've seen that online a TON. Never done it myself, but I don't have kids. Just a husband who acts like one.
  3. Vaseline on the doorknob anyone?
  4. Change the clocks to make them think they're late. (Don't ACTUALLY make them late, that would be wrong.)
  5. If you have milk in a cardboard carton, dye it before anyone drinks it. It'll freak them out to pour green (or purple, or blue) milk in their cereal.
Keep it simple if you're doing something last minute. And if you pull something really good off, please let me know. I love hearing good prank stories.

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alissa said...

when i was in high school my boyfriend invited me over for dinner with his family. i made the mistake of asking 'what should i wear' (very casual family, we'd been dating a long time etc).
so i show up in jeans...
and his family is dressed to the nines - suits, ties dresses. their formal dining room is set with china and silver etc etc.
a very elaborate prank to make fun of me and my 'what to wear?' question...