Tuesday, April 6, 2010

5 Things...

Let's keep it simple today...

5 Things I Just Don't Get (and I'm not sure I want to)
  1. Lady Gaga - I've talked about how much I don't like her before, haven't I? Well, if I haven't, guess what? I don't get it or like it. Please tell me I never liked anyone that weird, mom. The clothes (although I should probably say costumes), the super annoying "music," and the cult following. HUH???
  2. Justin Bieber - I don't think this kid had even made a video or been on the radio yet and all of a sudden I'm constantly hearing his name. Apparently he sings? I haven't listened to anything. I've seen pictures and all I can tell you is that his hair is too long and he wears some funky shoes. And my girls at church loooove him. *sigh*
  3. E! Network "reality" shows - So I was never a fan of the Kardashians. You should not be "famous" because you made a sex tape and have a ginormous butt. Now they have this new show, "Pretty Wild." Sisters who don't mind walking around half-dressed, whine about life, and - oh yeah - one of them was part of the Hollywood burglary group (they broke into a lot of young stars' homes). And we GIVE THEM A SHOW?! Yeah, because that makes perfect sense.
  4. Kids' Sports - I have beef with this because my oldest nephew has been practicing SEVEN DAYS A WEEK. He's eight years old. They had practice during spring break. There's something wrong with that. Aren't they supposed to be having fun?
  5. Weathermen - I'm only unhappy with them over the past week. They've been more wrong than usual. Which tells me that any literate person who's mildly appealing to the eye can be a weather forecaster. Maybe THAT'S my calling!!!
I'm a little depressed now because I just realized that the first three points make me sound like an old lady who sits on her porch and shakes her fist at the kids who walk on her lawn... wait...

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