Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wednesday Wish List

I took FOREVER looking for things. I think my lack of motivation was due to the internet problems the last couple days. I almost wrote the words "RELIABLE INTERNET SERVICE" as a blog post and left it at that.

But then I thought about it and last weekend was so nice that I was wishing for a patio set. So I scoped out some outdoor stuff this week. Everything is from Target (no individual links this week because I didn't want to push my internet luck).

Nice, plain, simple patio set. I don't entertain a ton so I think a little set like this would be fine.
And I love these string lights. I think I pick them up every time we're in the store. They have those capiz shells all the way around. Love those things.
Fire pit is a must. Even if it can't technically be called a pit. I love these things. They make me want to have the kids over for a sleepover and roast marshmallows. This one even has matching seats.

I really need a lounge chair for my back yard. We have trees that shade most of the yard, especially the grassy area. So if I want to tan I'm stuck on the concrete. You don't exactly want to lay on concrete. Not so comfy.

I would switch the neutral color for this cute stripe though. And use solid turquoise on the dining set (I have this all planned out).

And I totally want a bird bath. Except I would spray paint this one black. Because then it would match everything else. And I like black. It matches my soul.*

So there ya are. Luckily the internet decided to stick with me long enough to post this. Woohoo! But I will be checking out other service providers this week. I'm fed up with Comcast.

*It's an ongoing joke with hubby and me. Every time we talk about something in the color black we have to say, "Black... like my soul." We're very emo that way. Okay, not really, just weird.

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