Tuesday, April 27, 2010

American Idol - Top 6

Really? The music of Shania Twain? Couldn’t we have a “country week?” Seriously. It’s funny to me that everyone wants the contestants to be current and to me she’s pretty much irrelevant by now. It’s 2010.

Ugh. Anyway. Have I mentioned I’m writing this on my Word program because Comcast SUCKS??? I haven’t had internet all day. And they told hubby it was a problem with the modem. So he drove to their local offices (16 miles away, not exactly around the corner) to pick up a new one (we rent it from them). Still not working. BOOOOO.

Okay, we’ll get to the singing, I promise.

Lee is up first. My mom and I were discussing him last night (on our way home from the OUTSTANDING Daughtry show). We both want him to win. It’s official. So yeah… Lee. Um, yes I do love him this week. He picked “You’re Still the One.” He’s pretty much adorable and I like his version. I may have gone from “I love Lee” to “I loooove Lee.” haha Randy said he did a pretty good job. Ellen said he couldn’t look cuter (yes!) and said he made it his own. Kara mentioned how far he’s come. Simon said it was “absolutely” the perfect song. Yay!!!

**Um, I’m kinda voting for him tonight. First time I’ve voted all season.**

Big Mike picked “It Only Hurts When I’m Breathing.” Honestly, meh. I don’t love it. I don’t know what it is, but I just don’t. Randy said he did a great job and it was totally who he is. Ellen compared him to Luther Vandross. Kara said she felt connected. Simon liked Ellen’s comparison, but felt the performance was girly.

Casey’s up. He’s singing “Don’t.” I like it. But I think I might like him better when he rocks out. That’s just me. Randy loved him. Ellen said it was beautiful and called it his best performance. Kara called him ugly (okay, not really, but I got a laugh out of hubby). Simon said it was probably his best performance.

Crystal is up next. She picked “No One Needs To Know.” I’m gonna go ahead and sound like a hater again. It’s meh. Sounds like every other week, just a little more twangy. She’s good and all, but it’s nothing new to my ears. Randy liked her. Ellen said it wasn’t her favorite, but she still liked her. Kara referred to Ellen as a guy (again!) and liked her. Simon said it was like something out of a coffee shop.

Aaron picked “You Got A Way.” This song seems old for him. He sounds good, but it just seems old. Could be me being harsh tonight. Randy liked him. Ellen liked the emotion and depth. Kara agreed with Ellen. Simon said he’s been struggling, but he pretty much made up for it tonight.

Okay, last of the night is Siobhan. She picked “Any Man of Mine.” I haven’t missed this song, that’s for sure. She sounded like she was holding back a little when she started. She had a couple of spots that were good, but overall I really didn’t think it was very good. Aaaand there’s that predictable scream. Over it. Randy loved it. Ellen said fantastic. Kara said she’s “back.” Simon liked the song. What? Hubby and I had to have been hearing something else.

Ooookay, so tomorrow… um, I’ll say Big Mike, Aaron, and Crystal in the bottom tomorrow. It’s getting hard to guess. I’m off to vote for Lee now.

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