Sunday, April 18, 2010


You ever have those times when life seems to enjoy laughing at you?

Yeah, I had a few days like that. Not to get too personal, but my PMS waited around this month and threw everything it had at me in the span of two days. Commercials were making me tear up. I had minor panic attacks over the baking project I did for a friend (which ended up being totally worth it because I love said friend and she was in love with my work). I know people who are having problems in their relationships and I'm the listening type so I've been stressed about that stuff.


I'm ready for the new week. I'm ready for hormones that aren't making me insane.

Tomorrow is a big day. It's our two year anniversary! We're not heading out of town, but we'll find something to do. I really want to hop in the car and drive around. Have an adventure (and of course take pics along the way). We'll see.

Tomorrow is also my grandma's birthday (though she won't tell you, she doesn't love the birthday attention). Even though she's not a big birthday celebration person, I still asked her before we set the date if I could get married on her birthday. Just to be sure.

And now that I've slightly vented in a rare weekend post, I've got some cleaning to do. I want my sewing machine, which means I need to make room. I have to finish shower invitations, and maybe I'll even do some painting. Not the house, but a little project for the shower that of course will be revealed at a later date when I share entirely too many pictures of the amazing shower.

Was that the longest sentence ever? Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

P.S. My "g" key is being a butthead. In this entire post I've had to go back with the delete button and POUND the key to put it in the word. Ugh.