Friday, July 2, 2010

Friday Photo. BSB Edition.

So holy cow. It was amazing. Kay and I had the BEST time. I would go see them again in a second. We screamed more than freaky Twilight fans. And sang loudly. And danced. And it was the best trip to our past EVER.

This would be us afterwards. You can spot some of the glitter on my arm holding the camera. I looked like a freakin' sparkly vampire. That would be a result of our amazing shirts...

Kayla hearts Brian...

And I pink sparkly heart A.J. Always have. I had a serious thing for bad boys in high school.
Then there was the awesomeness of the backs. That's right, they say "BSB 4 eva."

Are you jealous? Because some people definitely were. We pretty much felt like rockstars with all the people lusting after our shirts. Some girls two rows behind us even asked to take a picture with us. Because they love Brian and A.J. too. And were in love with our shirts.

How could they not be? I think we did a pretty fantastic job. Best handmade shirts there.

Okay, so slight misread on the tickets, lol. Not tenth row. Tenth row in one of the floor sections. But not bad at all. Here's a view.
And here's the view with my zoom. *swoon* Now if you're wondering why there are only four guys instead of five, Kevin left a few years ago. But the remaining four are still fabulous.

The boys still dance. And their dancing still makes the girls scream.

I was entirely too giddy to see A.J. A LOT of my pics are centered on him, lol.

And the entire show was super fun. They opened with "Everybody" and I may have screamed like I was dying. (There's video, but I'm debating if it's too embarrassing to put up here.) Everyone sang along to everything (some of us didn't know the new stuff, but some definitely did). They had to have felt the love. Kayla and I even spotted a dude rocking out. Like, singing and doing some serious dancing. It was pretty amusing.
So today I'm feeling a renewed love for the BSB. And will likely be playing CDs in my sewing room for a long while.
I kinda want to put one of my old posters up too. Not gonna lie.

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