Tuesday, July 6, 2010

5 Things

Eventually I may switch it up on Tuesdays. But making lists is so easy. Almost as easy as picking a picture every Friday. So maybe one day it'll change, but we'll see.

So this week I'm up in the mountains. Woohoo! Actually we're coming back later today. But even one night away is pretty awesome. And in honor of that...

5 Things I Love About Camping
  1. S'mores. Seriously, who doesn't love s'mores? Terrorists. That's who.
  2. Campfires. I'm a bit of a pyro for campfires. Plus, campfires + marshmallows = s'mores.
  3. Stars. You just can't see them that great in the city. But up there... wow.
  4. People. Or lack thereof. I'm generally NOT a people person. Depending on where we camp, you really don't run into many people. Yay!
  5. Time. There's no internets. No cell phone reception. No work. No house cleaning. I tend to fly through books when we're up in the mountains because I CAN.
So I'll be back later friends. Happy Tuesday. Try not to be jealous of my wildery adventures.

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