Sunday, July 25, 2010


I'm alive. Exhausted, but alive.

Expect lots of recaps this week, because people have asked for them. If you don't want to hear about the different parks, how cute Tad was, how I'll never go to Florida in the summer again, or anything related... well, you're outta luck this week. :)

I did want to point out one new thing I added to my blog. At the end of each post there's a row of buttons that will make it easier to share the post you just read. For those of you that want to share. There's also a quicker way to leave feedback. There are "reactions" you can choose from now. Pretty self-explanatory. So feel free to use them. I like attention. Can you tell?

And just a quick note for those who don't follow me in other areas... I got a job! I won't post details, except to say it was definitely an answered prayer. Details for me are coming starting tomorrow. I have to call the principal and get stuff worked out now. I don't have long until school starts!

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