Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wednesday Wish List - Bloggy Birthday Edition

So I completely missed my blog's birthday at the end of last month. I've been around for two years already. I actually went back and read some of my old stuff - kind of amusing to see what's changed.

So welcome to my little belated birthday party today.

Ladies, you'll need a pretty party dress.

Just follow the fancy banner...

And have a seat in a lovely chair. No boring plastic or hard metal for my guests.

Enjoy dessert served on pretty pieces of servingware.

Ladies, have some pretty flowers for your hair.

And boys, have fun trying out different mustache styles for yourself. You'll look quite dashing...

And after the sweets and presents and fun, we'll have to get back to the real world. Which, for me, consists of packing, cleaning, and getting a job application in.

Three more days... then I can relax. Kind of.

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