Thursday, July 29, 2010

Florida - Part 2

Good morning. I'm not thrilled it's already Thursday. I have only two weeks until school starts.


So let's just jump in here so I can block that out momentarily. Day two we headed to Epcot. I had read mixed reviews on Epcot. Boring for kids, okay for kids, great for kids, only good for the food... so I didn't know what to expect. But it was nice. The kids had fun. They got to see characters...

This was actually good because there were five characters in a row. One line to meet all of them. But I think the Donald Duck picture might be my favorite.

It was (of course) warm out so the kids jumped in fountains for awhile.

The whole character thing didn't go over so well with Willow. She was excited to spot Marie from The Aristocats. Until it was our turn to take pictures. Then she freaked out and ran for her mom.

We bought over-priced frozen drinks. Good: they cooled us down a lot. Bad: the price and the fact that they totally made us feel full. Ugh.

I of course had to attempt an artsy picture of the Epcot ball. Which I think turned out pretty cool.

There aren't as many rides over in Epcot. The highlight was probably Nemo. Because it's one of my favorite movies. And Turtle Talk with Crush. Which is always amusing. A couple of the "world regions" have a mini-boat ride. So that was kind of fun, but definitely not a thrill ride. There was plenty to do, just don't expect a ton of rides there.

I just realized I don't have a whole lot to say about this day. Guess that shows you how uneventful it was. If you don't count the tantrum thrown by one kid and Willow crying over Marie. And me hauling butt out of a show as the doors were closing because I had an unfamiliar number calling and I hoped it was about a job.

It wasn't.


You'll hear about that tomorrow.

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