Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Story

Courtesy of Tad. This is from last month. He was playing with his toys in the bath and told me he had a story for me... this one even has a title!

Shark Pirate

The shark pirate is meeeean and the boat was big and it sailed off. The boat sank under, close to the right island. And it floated up. And it CRASHED into the right island. The island was called Treasure Hunt. And somebody was at Treasure Hunt. His name was Shark Pirate! And he went to the right treasure and he opened it and looked at the treasure. The treasure was sea food and he put the whole thing in his mouth. He chewed it up into his mouth and then the treasure chest was empty. And the treasure chest said, "Give my my food back! Unless I will eat you up!"

The End

Can you tell we like sharks and pirates and treasure around here?

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MalContent said...


Shark Pirate is AWESOME! I may even include him in the Loki Island strip. If, y'know. I ever get back to doing it. :D